Level One

The healers journey always starts within. Most healers will seek to understand their own issues and learn to heal themselves before they decide to offer those healing services to others. This is true with celestial shamanism as well. In order to be effective planetary healers, we must eliminate (as much as possible) our own false egos and heal our own trauma or else we project our wounds onto the very ones we are trying to help heal. Self healing is also essential for the personal ascension process. Celestial Shamanism Level One was designed to lead the lightworker through the process of healing self.

For most lightworkers, after healing themselves, the next logical step is to be of service by healing others, which is learned in Level 2. Finally, for those wishing to make the biggest impact, we offer Level 3 which certifies the practitioner to become the mentor using our curriculum.

The three levels of our Blue Star Celestial Shaman ™ training:

Level 1: Pathway to Peace – Educates the initiate on the core concepts of celestial shamanism and leads them through a process of self-discovery and healing.

Level 2: Certified Celestial Shaman Practitioner – Trains the shaman how to heal others using celestial shamanism.

Level 3: Certified Celestial Shaman Instructor – Trains you how to certify others in the Blue Star method of celestial shamanism. Level 3 also allows you to use the training curriculum and materials developed by Reina and Angelica Souleye in your classes and to certify your students as Celestial Shaman.

To learn more about what’s included in this training, check out the complete course description and outline. To learn more about what a celestial shaman is and does, read our comprehensive guide.